Transformer Prime owners will receive free dongle from Asus to fix GPS issues for good

Not content with consistently being one of the first companies to issue updates to the newest versions of Android for its products, Asus wants to have a definite place in the hearts of the owners of its Transformer Prime tablet.

Ever since that device launched, the people who bought it have been complaining about poor GPS reception. And despite Asus’ best efforts to cure this via software updates, the problems are still there to this day. That’s because the reason why the Prime’s GPS is wonky doesn’t have to do with software, but with the aluminum material that the tablet is made out of. It conflicts with the GPS chip, so much so that for many using the GPS in the Prime isn’t worth the effort and frustration.

It’s worth noting that not many Wi-Fi-only tablets also have GPS, but since it’s there, it might as well work. Right?

Well, Asus seems to agree and it is reportedly readying a hardware fix to make these things to go away once and for all. All the Prime owners who register their tablet with Asus will be entitled to receive a free GPS dongle add-on that will amplify the signals and ensure that your tablet will locate you quickly no matter what. The dongle will resemble the keyboard dock’s hinge, and will match the color of your Transformer Prime.

The news comes via a leaked email conversation between one Prime owner and an Asus rep, and it’s been ‘confirmed’ by an alleged tester of the dongle. Since this isn’t an official announcement, we’d say you need to have at least a pinch of salt in your immediate vicinity.

We do however have some further ‘proof’ in the form of the image you see above, which apparently should represent a screencap of the registration page that Asus will put up for the dongle. The prospective time frame for the dongle’s release is currently slated at mid-April, so it won’t be long now. And if this is real, Asus will probably say something about it by then. It should. After all, it will make for some pretty good marketing.

Via XDA Via Land of Droid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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