HTC won’t bundle Beats headphones with its smartphones anymore

One of the big focuses for HTC last year was on Beats Audio. Namely, slapping that brand everywhere it could. And so, most smartphones that the Taiwanese company launched after it bought its share in Beats came with at least a Beats logo on the back. But, more often than not, Beats headphones were also bundled in the sales package.

Turns out that wasn’t such a good idea. HTC was betting that it could attract more customers by this method of differentiation. After all, none of its competitors could bundle Beats headphones with their smartphones. And the Beats brand itself is pretty highly regarded, which obviously has to do more with its products’ pricing than anything else. Anyway, HTC was hoping that people would choose their devices over the competition because of the headphones.

Pictured above: Verizon’s HTC Rezound with Beats headphones, perhaps the last of its kind

Yet surprise, surprise! Apparently people don’t choose which smartphone to buy based on what headphones it ships with. It’s amazing that it seriously took HTC this long to discover that. Sure, anyone would probably appreciate a pair of Beats compared to the usual junk headphones that phone makers throw into the box, but no sane person will buy a phone just for the headphones. And we’re guessing that the cost for HTC’s Beats bundling was pretty high.

That’s since the company has decided to stop bundling Beats headphones with its smartphones, at least for the time being. So that fancy HTC Evo 4G LTE for Sprint (or One X for AT&T), while retaining Beats features in the software, won’t be shipping with Beats headphones. Want some? Go buy them yourself. That seems to be the idea here.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Terrycart

    Never mind, who would listen to music with a pair of quality headphones for a whole day?