HTC Titan II can now be bought for just $149.99

The HTC Titan II was released by AT&T yesterday. This gigantic Windows Phone has a 16 MP camera and has been priced by the carrier at $199.99 with a new two-year contract. That’s not out of the ordinary, for it is the price point at which most high-end devices (iPhone included) are sold nowdays.

However, following in the footsteps of the Nokia Lumia 900 which was also released yesterday, the Titan II can now be bought for less, should you choose to do so from a third party source. The one to head over to in this case is Walmart Wireless. On its website, the retailer lets you buy the HTC Titan II, complete with two-year AT&T service agreement, for just $149.99.

That’s $50 off the regular price after just one day on the market. We’re not even going to try and imagine what the Titan II will go for in a few months. Still, if you absolutely must play early adopter here, $50 less is $50 more left in your pocket for other stuff. Keep that in mind.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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