Nokia admits data connectivity bug on AT&T Lumia 900, fix out on April 16. $100 credit for the affected

Just this past Sunday, Nokia launched the Lumia 900 on AT&T. This high-end Windows Phone was supposed to be in the front lines of Nokia’s reentry into the American market. However, the Finnish company has had a bit of bad luck (or bad coding, one might say).

It turns out that there’s a batch of Lumia 900s that are constantly losing data connectivity thanks to a (get this!) memory issue. You’d hope Nokia (and Microsoft) engineers would test such things through. It’s rather amazing, when you think about it, for a memory leak to lead to terminating the data connection, especially on such a closed-up OS as Windows Phone. But it clearly looks like “closed” isn’t synonymous with “sandboxed”.

Anyway, we have some very good news for those of you who have one of those phones. Nokia has been very fast to acknowledge this issue and a fix is coming very soon. It will be out via software update around April 16 (that’s this coming Monday).

For the impatient, there’s another solution – you can just go and swap your existing Lumia 900 for one that’s already updated.

But the best news is that everyone who bought a Lumia 900 thus far, and everyone that will do so until April 21, will receive $100 credit to their AT&T bill from Nokia. As a “we’re really, really sorry!” gesture.

That’s a nice touch, and one that will surely alleviate any possible backlash stemming from this nasty bug (that really should have been caught in testing!). This effectively means you can now get a Lumia 900 from AT&T for free (actually you’ll be making a $0.01 profit), since the carrier only asks for $99.99 for the device.

If you haven’t bought a Lumia 900 yet, but were thinking about doing it, this might be your cue.

It’s great to see Nokia care so much and respond so quickly. The company has been known for acknowledging issues with its devices in the past (Anssi Vanjoki’s words regarding the Nokia N98 quickly come to mind), but issuing fixes within days and offering ‘free money’ as compensation to those affected is something quite unprecedented – even for Nokia. So let’s see how this will impact the company’s image in the US.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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