Rogers HTC One X could be out on April 20

Over in Canada, Rogers is getting ready to sell the HTC One X. The carrier is already taking pre-orders for the superphone, with pricing coming in at $169.99 with the Canadian-standard three-year contract.

Basically the only thing that’s still a mystery regarding Rogers’ launch of the One X is when exactly it will happen. We’ve heard that it will probably be this month several times now, but no exact date has been floating around the blogosphere.

Until now, that is. Yes, the purported screenshot of a Rogers system that you see above has been leaked to MobileSyrup. And, as you can see, it clearly states that the One X will be in stores on April 20 (meaning next Friday).

Of course, we can’t be 100% sure yet, but all signs point to the fact that the HTC One X will become available at Rogers very soon. Maybe even on April 20. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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