Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus indeed launching on April 22, new leak claims

Sprint is about to launch its very own LTE-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Alongside the LG Viper (which is now up for pre-order), it will be among the first LTE smartphones to be released by the Now Network.

But when? The latest rumor on the matter came a couple of weeks ago and said that April 22 will be the date when Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus will see the light of day. However, within the same leaked info the Viper appeared as launching on April 15, and that turned out to be false.

Yet today we get a new leak that says it’s still going to be April 22 for the Galaxy Nexus. According to the image above, which was sent to BGR, Sprint employees are now being told that next Sunday is indeed when they should expect to start selling the Galaxy Nexus.

So if that doesn’t change, you only have a few more days of waiting to do before you can purchase a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Sprint.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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