Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 could end up being a very different device when it finally launches

Samsung showed us the Galaxy Note 10.1 during MWC in February. The concept is pretty obvious from the name: it’s basically a huge version of the Galaxy Note smartphone, sporting the same S Pen stylus for note taking and the likes.

However, the Galaxy Note 10.1 that I played with at MWC wasn’t really all that different, hardware-wise, from Samsung’s currently selling 10-inch tablets. And that’s a problem in a highly competitive market like that for Android tablets.

Samsung seems to have realized this though. Earlier this month a rumor started making the rounds across the blogosphere: that the Galaxy Note 10.1 was delayed by Samsung until June. The reason? So it could ship with an updated processor, Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos. The tablet was announced with a dual-core Exynos, by the way.

And now a Samsung spokesperson said some pretty interesting things, heard by The Verge. At this time, Samsung has no release date to announce for the device (so June could still be it), and what was revealed in February may not in fact match the final shipping product.

Apparently, Samsung just wanted to “make a splash” at MWC with the Note 10.1. But now that it has, it’s thinking long and hard about what to pack inside the tablet. This is a little bit odd, but still plausible. After all, this is the same company that launched a redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year one month after its initial design was outslimmed by Apple’s iPad 2.

So this spokesperson could have just confirmed the aforementioned processor swap – though obviously not explicitly. We’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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