Asus Transformer Prime free GPS dongle gets pictured, invites for ordering it now being sent

The Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet has had GPS lock issues since it went on sale late last year. Asus has tried to fix the problems via software updates, but that didn’t work. So the company decided to do something rather radical and give all Prime owners a free GPS dongle (so a hardware accessory) that plugs into the tablet’s proprietary port and will once and for all alleviate the issues with GPS fixes.

Asus has confirmed that this is true a few days ago, and now the first pictures showing the dongle have surfaced.

Note that in the first image the tablet is upside down. So the dongle plugs into the tablet’s ‘lower’ side – right where the keyboard dock also connects. Of course, with tablet-optimized Android forgoing physical buttons, you can use the tablet while it’s rotated into any position you’d like.

The dongles are said to match your Prime’s color. Asus has already started sending invitations to register for the free dongle to those who have registered their Transformer Primes with the company. You have until July 31 to claim your free dongle, after which the offer expires.

So, if you have a Transformer Prime tablet and have been facing GPS accuracy issues, go and register your tablet with Asus and then request your very own GPS dongle. Since this is a hardware fix, all the GPS-related issues should be gone for good.

Via Land of Droid and Droid Life

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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