iPhone Nano rumored again as supply chain sources keep dreaming about it

The iPhone Nano is being rumored once again. This famed smaller iPhone has in fact been rumored ever since 2007 – which was when the first iPhone launched. Clearly, some people would desperately like Apple to release a smaller and cheaper version of its smartphone.

We told you before why the Cupertino company really doesn’t have to do that – older iPhone models sold cheaply do the ‘entry-level’ device job pretty good as is (at least in some ‘developed’ markets). But the rumors simply aren’t going to go away.

So some supply chain sources have started talking about an iPhone Nano again, according to China Times. It will be on the market later this year, apparently. This would help Apple expand its reach and smartphone market share, but it would also benefit Apple’s supply chain and the companies that make it up. Which is probably why they’d like this to be true.

So is it? There’s no way to tell, but judging from the many years that have gone by while this has been nothing more than a rumor, we’d ask you not to hold your breath.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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