Microsoft is planning worldwide Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh (Tango) push starting in April

If you have a Windows Phone and are wondering when exactly you’ll be getting an update to the latest version of the OS, called Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh and codenamed Tango, wonder no more. Microsoft is planning for a worldwide push starting this month. By the end of June, it expects that over 90% of devices will have been updated.

There are caveats, of course. How fast you get it will depend on your carrier of choice. Also, since carriers have the possibility of skipping updates, you may never get it. That said, you probably shouldn’t be too worried about that, since Tango really isn’t a major update. Whether or not you’ll ever see the next big version of WP, codenamed Apollo – that’s another, more important question.

Before Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) arrives this autumn, and sways us with its multi-core processor support and slew of other features, Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh (previously known as Tango) has already made it to the market, albeit quietly.

One of the main features of Tango is support for lower-end hardware than ever before in the WP world. That’s why devices such as the Nokia Lumia 610 or ZTE Mimosa are able to exist.

The other big feature of Tango is support for a lot more languages than before, and the Chinese localization work was finally unveiled last month alongside the HTC Eternity.

Via WPDang

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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