South Korea to ban cameraphone shutter sound removers

Following in the footsteps of Japan and a few other countries, South Korea is considering a ban on cameraphone shutter sound removers.

The Korea Communications Commission is currently discussing this with phone makers such as Samsung, LG, Apple, and other vendors. Software companies like Google also seem to be part of the talks.

In Japan, the ban is in place to prevent unauthorized videotaping. One of the main problems, in South Korea as well, seem to be voyeurs who shoot pictures of women. Short skirts are also proving irresistible for some men, making women more and more a target for these types of nonconsensual photo and video taking activities.

As cameras (and cameraphones) have become smaller and smaller, and much easier to hide, these problems have only gotten worse. So in the near future it’s possible that in South Korea it will become illegal for photo-taking devices not to have a shutter sound associated with the image capture.

Via MyDrivers

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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