Huawei shipped 55M phones, including 20M smartphones in 2011. 10M U8650 Sonic units. 60M mobile modems

Huawei has reported its results for the whole of 2011 today, and they show a company that’s obviously on the rise.

Huawei shipped 55 million phones during last year, 20 million of which were smartphones. Sure, that’s nothing compared to Samsung selling more than 30 million in one quarter, but keep in mind that this number represents a 500% growth compared to 2010. Given that, Huawei’s bold plans of selling more than 60 million smartphones in 2012 suddenly don’t seem that far fetched anymore.

Last year, Huawei lead in market share of CDMA smartphones in China. Its home market is clearly one of the most important for the company.

Huawei also sold 60 million mobile modems in 2011, further cementing its status as the No.1 mobile modem vendor in the world.

The best selling smartphone in the Chinese company’s portfolio in 2011 seems to have been the U8650 Sonic. More than 10 million units were moved during the year. Another best seller was the T8300, a device tailor-made for China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA 3G network. Both of these are lower-midrange offerings that come with very affordable prices – and this in itself describes how Huawei has been perceived up until this year.

Though for 2012 its ambitions are to rise above that with flagship offerings such as the Ascend D quad or the Ascend P1. We’ll see how well that will go.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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