UK: Grab a Samsung Galaxy Note for just £396.71 (white) or £418.15 (dark blue) at Amazon

In the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Note is now more affordable than it’s ever been. We are of course referring to a SIM-free and unlocked unit. You can get one in white for just £396.71 with free shipping. Or if you’d rather get the dark blue version, that’s currently being sold for £418.15. These offers are now available at Amazon UK.

In both cases, you can actually get even lower prices (though not by much) if you choose not to purchase directly from Amazon, but from one of the Marketplace merchants. Because the price difference isn’t that high, we’d stick to the tried and true Amazon itself, but it’s your choice after all.

Back when it launched, the ‘dark blue’ Galaxy Note was being sold for no less than £594, and the white version debuted being priced at £538.80. So you can see that Amazon’s current pricing of this smartphone is a lot cheaper. If you wanted to pick up one of these phone/tablet hybrids but always thought they were too expensive, now’s your chance – take advantage of this offer.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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