Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus (HSPA version) released via Google Play for only $399

Today, Google has started selling the HSPA 16GB version of its Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus online. The handset is offered unlocked, only in the US (where Verizon and Sprint have previously released CDMA / LTE flavors of it).

The best part about this is the price Google is asking for the Nexus: only $399.99. You just can’t get a better smartphone at this price. To buy the Galaxy Nexus, visit this new Devices section in Google’s Play web store (the link only works if you’re in the US). Google Wallet (with a $10 credit) is pre-installed on the handset.

It’s interesting to see how many Galaxy Nexus phones are going to be sold this way, although – unfortunately – Google will probably never tell.

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: Florin

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