Nokia chairman hints at future tablets, hybrid handsets

With all the troubles Nokia is going through lately, chairman Jorma Ollila still believes the company could have a bright future. Jorma Ollila will be leaving Nokia this week, but before that, he shared some details about Nokia’s future with Financial Times (registration required).

According to Ollila, the Finnish company is getting ready to introduce a series of new devices that could turn its fortunes around. Reportedly, Nokia is currently “looking into” tablets”, because they “are important.” So maybe we’ll see that rumored 10 inch Windows 8 Nokia tablet later this year.

Tablets aside, Nokia’s chairman also declared that “there will be different hybrids, different form factors in the future.” This could mean anything… or nothing. But knowing how Nokia is experimenting with form factors (remember the Morph concept?), we hope we’ll something really new in the future.

As for where Nokia is standing now, Jorma Ollila says he is “happy with what is happening. When you have such strong competitors in the marketplace it will take a bit of time but things are going well.” Of course, things are actually not going well – Nokia posted a €1.3 billion loss for Q1 2012. And if Windows Phone won’t take off, things can’t go well for Nokia in the future, either. But we’ll see what happens after WP 8 Apollo is out.

Author: Florin

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