Samsung to sell 55 million smartphones in Q2, may have moved 44.8 million in Q1

Samsung is on track to sell 55 million smartphones during the second quarter of this year (which ends in June). That’s according to a report by UBS Investment Research, quoted by Yonhap News.

Samsung sold 40-44 million smartphones in the first quarter of the year, previous rumors have stated. Since Samsung doesn’t break down its smartphone sales in its quarterly earnings reports, rumors and numbers from various analysts are all we’ve got to go on sadly.

Interestingly, UBS Investment research seems to think that Samsung managed to sell 44.8 million smartphones in Q1, a number which is significantly higher than the 41 million figure we last heard on the matter. UBS’ estimate becomes clear when the firm states that the 55 million smartphones that Samsung will sell in Q2 represents a 22.8% increase compared to the previous quarter.

The analysts expect the Korean company to have another strong quarter, and they note that it’s unlikely that anything will ‘go wrong’ for Samsung. Later today, it will announce its next flagship device, and if that will be in stores during this quarter, the 55 million number seems easily attainable. Especially since we’ve heard that 10 million units have already been pre-ordered by carriers and retailers globally.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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