HTC Desire C (Golf / Wildfire C) gets photographed in the wild

The low-end HTC Android smartphone codenamed Golf has finally been caught in the wild off-guard, and some pictures were taken as a result.

The HTC Golf first emerged back in March, when we found out about its existence thanks to a photo that it took and which made its way to the internet. Then, last month, an official-looking press render got leaked. And so it was only a matter of time before we’d see the Golf out and about, in all its glory. The time has come.

According to ITProPortal, which was at the receiving end of the images you see above, the Golf will be sold as the Desire C. That comes to contradict earlier predictions that settled on Wildfire C for the diminutive device. Still, at least they agree on the C.

Desire C or Wildfire C, the HTC Golf is bound to be announced pretty soon, as HTC’s lowest-end Android 4.0 smartphone yet. We’ll let you know when that happens. Oh, and in the meantime, do expect more leaks about the Golf to pop up here and there. It’s just the way things usually happen.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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