LG G (LS970) headed to Sprint with 4.7″ HD screen, quad-core CPU, LTE, and Android ICS

Sprint’s apparently getting ready to launch a whole bunch of very high-end Android smartphones that are compatible with its soon-to-be LTE network. Mere hours ago we first heard about the Now Network’s Samsung Galaxy S III variation, and now it seems LG’s going to provide yet another top of the line device for Sprint’s new 4G airwaves.

The LG G has the model number LS970, and that ‘LS’ gives away the fact that it’s headed to Sprint. An image depicting a screenshot of the phone’s main specs has been sent to BriefMobile. Note that ‘G’ may be just a codename, or perhaps it’s actually going to be called that. Wouldn’t that be a cool breath of fresh air after naming monstrosities such as the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G (or Epic 4G Touch, no one actually knows the ‘right’ order of those words) – which incidentally was launched on the same carrier?

Oh yes it would. Which is why we’re thinking that Sprint’s not gonna let this slide, and it’ll eventually tack on at least ‘4G LTE’ to the end of that name, if not more. Still, one can hope.

Back to the G, then. Aside from the obvious LTE support, it will come with a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, a 4.7-inch HD touchscreen (and we should expect LG’s non-PenTile ‘True HD’ tech to be in there), and it will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The G is going to hit the streets in Q4 of this year, so there’s still a long way to go before you’ll be buying one of these. The design is perhaps reminiscent of the LG Nitro HD, and it still makes use of ‘fixed’ capacitive Android buttons underneath the screen, like almost every other ICS smartphone not named Nexus that’s ever come out. You’ll decide if that’s good or bad.

The CPU that’s going to be powering this G thing is a mystery. A quad-core unit with LTE support? That’s (literally) unheard of in today’s world. So considering the intended launch time frame, one could speculate that it will sport one of TI’s upcoming OMAP5 quad-core processors, which are supposed to go into mass production around the late end of this year.

However… CPU roadmaps are almost always inaccurate in the mobile world, and every product eventually gets delayed for one reason or another. So we’ll see. Maybe this is a surprise quad-core with LTE, or maybe there’s a chance that the LG G will be delayed until next year. It’s way too early to tell at this point, so hang on and stay tuned for more.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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