Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charger to be launched only in September?

Although the Samsung Galaxy S III will be released in Europe starting May 29, not all the official accessories for it are going to be available that day. For example, UK retailer MobileFun has contacted us to say the S III official wireless charging dock will be out only in September. The wireless charger was announced at the same time with the new Galaxy, but Samsung didn’t mention when it would be out.

In the meantime, MobileFun is “working hard to source an unofficial wireless charging dock, which will be available a lot sooner than the Official Samsung one.” There’s no word on the prices of any of the two chargers.

Samsung didn’t confirm the fact that the Galaxy S III wireless charger will be launched in September. This could be a UK-only thing. We’ll let you know more when new details are unveiled.

Author: Florin

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