7″ iPad Mini rumored yet again, should be released in October for $200-$250

Just in case you were wondering where all the iPad Mini rumors went in the past couple of weeks or so, well… here’s another one. Long story short: it’s apparently still on track, will see a release in October, and will cost $200 to $250.

The 7-inch iPad Mini will be announced alongside the next iPhone in the fall, according to one of iMore‘s sources (which was reliable in the past). The killer price point is there so that competitors won’t have any breathing space. And if this turns out to be true, we’re bound to agree. It will be quite tough for makers of cheap Android tablets to compete with Apple’s brand appeal at similar price points.

The exact screen dimensions aren’t clear, so we may still be talking about a 7.85-inch unit. The small iPad will (unsurprisingly) mimic the design of the newest iPad, and will basically be a minimized edition of that. The aforementioned source says it will also have a 2048×1536 resolution for the display, but that seems very unlikely to me. And that’s probably unneeded on such a small screen. 1024×768 (the resolution that both the first iPad and the iPad 2 sport) would be more than enough, and it would preserve the all-important aspect ratio so apps won’t have to be rewritten.

Storage capacity options will start at 8 GB for $200 or $250, and go up from there. This is obviously one of the ways through which Apple will keep the price of the tablet down, though 8 GB for a tablet in this day and age is a little on the small side (especially if it will come with a Retina Display).

There are more than four months left until this is said to ship, so do expect dozens of other rumors on the matter to pop up in the meantime. As always, we’ll feature the most plausible ones.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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