Apple no longer advertises the new iPad as featuring 4G

Before releasing the 7 inch iPad Mini (if that’s ever going to happen), Apple still has to deal with issues related to its latest tablet, namely the “new iPad.” When it was launched, the new iPad was presented as having 4G LTE connectivity all over the world, although that was actually true only in the US and Canada.

Now, following criticism coming especially from customers in the UK and Australia, Apple has finally decided to ditch the 4G branding.

As of now, the new iPad’s two models are presented as “iPad Wi-Fi”, and “iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular”. That’s happening even in the US and Canada, where if you get the tablet on contract with the right carrier (Verizon, for example), you can certainly enjoy the benefits of 4G LTE on it. Meanwhile, the previous iPad model – iPad 2 – is still advertised as “iPad Wi-Fi + 3G”.

Via 9to5Mac

Author: Florin

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