LG has sold more than 1 million Optimus LTE smartphones in South Korea

LG’s happy to announce a new milestone today. Its original Optimus LTE Android smartphone launched last year has already been sold in more than 1 million units in South Korea alone.

This isn’t the first sales threshold for the Optimus LTE that LG has reported so far – back in November, we were informed that 150,000 units were already sold in Korea, and more recently (in January) we found out that the handset passed 1 million global sales.

But now the 1 million mark has been crossed just for LG’s home market, which is obviously a great achievement. The LG Optimus LTE could very well be one of the best selling LTE-capable smartphones launched so far. We just can’t be sure about that, since other manufacturers aren’t as eager as LG to popularize their successes in the field (or maybe they have nothing newsworthy to say).

LG has already introduced the Optimus LTE’s successor, the LG Optimus LTE 2, which is due for release in South Korea later this month. So it looks like its predecessor, the original Optimus LTE, won’t be breaking any other sales records over there in the future – as it will probably be phased out to make way for the Optimus LTE 2.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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