New Nokia Asha 305, 306 and 311 show up in photos. This is the future of full-touch S40

We were the first to provide details about Nokia’s unannounced 306 touchscreen phone, and now more info about it has been unveiled, alongside details on other two new Asha handsets: Nokia 305 and Nokia 311.

All these come with a new full-touch S40 UI, which may, or may not be related to the rumored Meltemi OS.

The Nokia Asha 311 features Wi-Fi, HSDPA, and a 3.2mp rear camera. It looks like this:

The 305 (pictured below) and the 306 are similar in most aspects, but the former is a dual-SIM device, while the latter is not.

As we told you earlier, the Nokia 306 should be announced no later than July. Most probably, the 305 and 311 will be unveiled at about the same time. Can these full touch S40 phones, plus Windows Phone 8, save Nokia? We’ll see.

Via Pinguin Moveis, My Nokia Blog, Baidu

Author: Florin

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