Nokia and Samsung working on 3D mobile displays

Until now, only two major smartphone makers launched devices with 3D displays: HTC and LG. And while 3D is still a marketing gimmick rather than something really useful on a smartphone, it looks like Samsung and Nokia want to join the party, too.

Today we found out that both companies have filed patent applications with the USPTO a while ago, proving that they intend to have 3D handsets in the future.

Nokia’s patent application describes a “Dual-mode two-dimensional / three-dimensional display.” Just like the screens of HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D, Nokia’s display would use a trigger to switch from 2D to 3D mode. Also, stereoscopic 3D images would be obtained thanks to the fact that the display (which is, in fact, a 2D one) is able to show different images for the left and right eye.

Samsung’s patent application talks about a display that shows 3D images in a relatively similar manner:

A touch screen panel display comprising a display, a touch screen panel sensor film stacked on top of the display, and a window stacked on top of the touch screen panel sensor film, the touch screen panel display comprising: a viewing angle difference barrier film stacked between an upper surface of the touch screen panel sensor film and a lower surface of the window and for transmitting light of a pixel corresponding to a left eye and light of a pixel corresponding to a right eye to a left eye and a right eye, respectively.

Of course, for now we cannot know exactly when we’ll see the first 3D handsets from Nokia or Samsung. But, when they come, I assume Nokia’s will run Windows Phone, and Samsung’s won’t use anything else than Android.

Author: Florin

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