Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300) pre-orders start at Amazon, yours for $799.99, shipping on May 29

If you’re in the US and are dying to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III, Amazon has come to your rescue. However, you do have to shell out quite a large sum for the privilege of being one of the first people in North America to hold and play with Samsung’s newest Android-powered flagship smartphone.

You can now pre-order a GT-i9300 Galaxy S III, which is the internationally-selling version, for $799.99, in either blue or white. The blue version will start shipping on May 29, and the white one is expected starting on June 1. You can even save a few bucks (though less than 20) by going with one of the non-featured merchants in Amazon’s Marketplace if you so wish.

The i9300 Galaxy S III will be fully compatible with AT&T’s HSPA network. So you will get 4G HSPA+ service wherever the carrier has it. However, you won’t be getting any LTE connectivity, since this model doesn’t come with that.

Furthermore, if you’re on T-Mobile, even HSPA is (kind of) out of reach, because the i9300 lacks support for the all-important (in TMo’s case) 1700 band. It goes without saying that this device won’t work on Verizon or Sprint, since it’s not a CDMA phone.

So basically, if your carrier of choice is AT&T, you don’t especially care for LTE data speeds, and want to have the Galaxy S III as soon as possible, you should probably go ahead and pre-order one now. Otherwise, the waiting game isn’t over just yet.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    That jsut looks like its gonna be cool. WOw.

  • ‘Ryan Hills

    I’ll wait for the North American version