Telus gives up on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and magenta Nokia Lumia 800

Telus has decided to discontinue the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This is already in effect, and unless some stores have some leftover units lying around, you’re not going to find the third Nexus device in stock at Telus anymore.

The fact that Telus has given up on the Galaxy Nexus less than five months after it released the Google phone can only mean one thing: the carrier is getting ready to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III. That superphone would probably have made Galaxy Nexus sales so small that they’d become irrelevant anyway.

While on specs alone, the Galaxy S III is a clear step up from the Galaxy Nexus (and for that reason alone this decision could be labeled as understandable), the fact that the Galaxy Nexus gets OS updates a lot faster than any other Android smartphone out there does make it a bit special. So maybe there will be some die-hard Android fans in Canada who will be disappointed by this move.

Next on the ‘to be discontinued’ list is the magenta Nokia Lumia 800. That probably has something to do with poor sales of this specific color variation, as the other Lumia 800 colors will still be for sale for the foreseeable future. One Telus official recently said that Lumia sales have so far met their expectations, so don’t worry, Windows Phone fans – the Lumia 800 isn’t going anywhere (in cyan or black, that is).

The information above all comes from a leaked internal document that has been sent to MobileSyrup.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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