Rumor: new iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display with 1136 x 640 pixels, will run iOS 6

Ready for another round of iPhone 5 rumors? Good, because this is quite an interesting one. It seems that Apple is currently testing several new iPhone models, and one of them will become iPhone 5 – which should be officially introduced sometime later this year.

According to 9to5Mac, two of the new iPhones that are in testing feature displays measuring 4 inches. Sure enough, it’s not the first time we’re hearing the next generation iPhone will have a screen of at least 4 inches. But this time 9to5mac also has details on the screen resolution. Reportedly, the iPhone 5’s display has 1136 x 640 pixels. This, of course, is the weirdest resolution found on a smartphone ever. But it will still not be enough to beat the Samsung Galaxy S III, or the HTC One X, which come with HD (1280 x 720) displays.

It’s said that Apple “will be taking full advantage of their new pixels”, as the company is “currently testing builds of iOS 6 that are custom-built to the new iPhone’s display.” Unfortunately, there’s no word on what iOS 6 will bring apart from support for the new resolution. Anyway, it looks like the next iPhone’s display will remain as wide as the one featured by the current model (and, well, by all the older models). So the handset could end up looking similar to the mock-up on the left:

(image via Overdrive Design)

The new iPhone 5 should still have a physical home button, despite various rumors to the contrary. Also, it could (and most likely will) feature a quad-core processor, and enhanced rear and front-facing cameras. More details will certainly be unveiled soon.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    Doubt the presence of a dual core CPU. Most likely it will use the setup of the new iPad. Dual core CPU with a Quad core GPU along with LTE.

    This is great news if true. I may even consider using the iPhone again. My experience with the 4S was horrible. That little screen spoiled an otherwise good experience. For myself, I need at least a four inch screen. Something along the lines of the HTC Droid Incredibe 2.

    If Apple adds in voice turn by turn directions for navigation, I may give the iPhone another shot.

    Till then, I’ll keep enjoying my Galaxy Nexus and iPad. Best of both worlds.

  • Prefer Tablets

    nice, though I expected the new one to come with a 5 inch display