Apple is still exploring ways to make stylus worthy of iPhone and iPad

While Apple has been pretty stubborn about not including the stylus as an option for iPhone and iPad, they’ve been trying out various input devices in R&D labs for years.

Not that I expect anything concrete to come out of it this time, but today a couple of new approaches for the iPhone stylus surfaced among Apple’s patent applications. An optical stylus and a stylus with haptic feedback.

The optical stylus is an input device with an optical camera at the tip. When you move the stylus around the touchscreen, the optical camera tracks specially formatted pixels, or special, user eye invisible markings on the display.

The stylus with haptic feedback, comes with a built-in haptic actuator and a short-range wireless receiver. The vibration commands are sent via tiny wireless transmitters built into the bezel of your iPad.

Both of these styluses are nothing more than an interesting research projects at Apple for now.

But after Samsung with Galaxy Note just proved the need and want for stylus on a touch device , who knows? Maybe Apple will come around and deliver its own iOS device stylus solution eventually.

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

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    oh goody, another variation on the “can we licence the wheel and pretend that we invented it “…