New Nokia PureView phones may not have 41MP cameras

It’s not the first time we’re hearing that Nokia’s PureView technology will make it to some of the company’s future smartphones. However, this time a Nokia official has shed a few more details on the matter.

According to Engadget, Vesa Jutila (Nokia’s Head of In-Market Product Marketing, Smart Devices) mentioned recently that the company sees “multiple ways” for the technology to be used in new devices. Reportedly, upcoming PureView products could be slimmer than the PureView 808, while still keeping a high-end Carl Zeiss camera. Moreover, Jutila said that new PureView handsets “would not necessarily have the same 41-megapixel sensor” – this looks like some sort of confirmation that devices like the rumored 12MP PureView Windows Phone for Verizon exist (or at least will exist).

Meanwhile, the Nokia 808 PureView, which runs Symbian Belle, has started shipping in Europe, and it’s also set to be released in the US (unlocked, for an unknown price).

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    PureView requires four basic elements…1) a large enough sensor to provide a large # of quality pixels, 2) extremely precise optics, 3) proprietary algorithms, 4) dedicated processing. In order to interpolate low noise pixels from raw pixels and still deliver a decent resolution, it seems the sensor could be reduced to 22MP for a 5 MP shot while still offering decent zoom capability. Of course, taking some of the PureView tech and combining with N8-like specs may also improve performance (e.g.: latest optics, newer algorithms, greater processing), but then it’s only using 4:1 interpolation to produce lower noise PureView shots at~3MP. IMO, it would be great if Nokia can get a 22MP sensor in a phone that’s 14mm at the camera hump.