Samsung pulls an Apple, reportedly delays the pebble blue Galaxy S III

Back in 2010, when Apple released the iPhone 4 (with its then-new Retina Display), one of the things it was famous for was the inability to ship the white model in due time, because of production issues.

Now it looks like Samsung is experiencing a similar thing with one of the two color versions of its new Galaxy S III. More exactly, several reports are indicating that the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III will not be available at the same time with the white one.

According to Tweakers and AndroidNZ, there was a problem with manufacturing back cases for the blue Galaxy S III, hence shipments have been delayed. Fortunately, the delay won’t be as long as the one that affected Apple’s white iPhone. Tweakers has it that Samsung Benelux says the blue S III will be out in early June. Until then, the white model should debut in Europe on May 29.

Samsung announced that it already received more than 9 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S III from mobile operators around the world. It remains to be seen if the delay of the blue model is a real problem or not. Since the handset is set to be introduced in North America only starting June (probably in the second half of the month), it’s unlikely that the issue will affect shipments there.

Via SlashGear

Author: Florin

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