LG has sold 3 million LTE smartphones so far, but that’s not as good as it sounds

After having previously announced milestone after milestone for its Optimus LTE smartphone in South Korea and worldwide, LG has now let us know that it has managed to sell more than 3 million LTE devices so far.

That number obviously includes the Optimus LTE and its variations, but all other LTE-capable smartphones in LG’s portfolio. Most of LG’s sales came from two markets: its native South Korea, and North America. LG’s sold more than a million Optimus LTE handsets in its home market.

Right now LG’s LTE offerings are being sold in a total of 10 countries, but that number is set to double before the end of the year. And as more and more carriers worldwide will start to deploy LTE networks in the near future, LG’s addressable market will only grow of course.

Although these numbers look very nice, the fact is that LG is only third in market share in terms of LTE smartphones, trailing behind Samsung and Motorola. LG’s market share for the first quarter of 2012 is 13%, while Samsung leads with 57% and Motorola follows with 17%, according to a Strategy Analytics report cited by The Korea Times. These numbers show that LG isn’t doing all that well. Furthermore, it’s market share was at 20% in Q4 2011, and it used to be in second place.

LG’s downhill trend isn’t limited to LTE smartphones alone, though. Its overall global phone market share is down to 3.7% in Q1, which makes LG the ninth phone maker in the world.

Nevertheless, the company has big ambitions, as it plans on selling 35 million smartphones this year, of which 8 million should be LTE-enabled. Right now the chances of LG achieving these goals seem pretty slim, but stranger things have happened in the mobile world.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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