UK: Nokia Lumia 710 is the first Windows Phone to go below £100. Limited time offer ends on June 7

Just a few hours ago we told you about a great deal that allowed you to get a Windows Phone for just £139.99 in the UK. In that case, it was the Acer Allegro. And up until that point, it was the cheapest we’d ever seen a Windows Phone in the UK.

However, that’s no longer so. The Nokia Lumia 710 is now even cheaper than the Allegro. One (tiny) caveat, though: the following pricing applies on Pay as you go only. With that out of the way, you should get ready for the first Windows Phone to go below the £100 mark.

The Lumia 710 can in fact be had for £99.95 at the Carphone Warehouse, though in store only (and presumably valid with PAYG SIMs from all operators). You’ll still need to purchase an obligatory first-time £10 top-up. But you can use that credit to talk and text. And even so, this offer still remains very good. What’s more, existing PAYG users can upgrade for just £89.95.

If you’d rather order online, luckily (which is apparently Carphone Warehouse’s sister company, so that makes sense) has you covered. Right now you get the sub-£100 price only if you go with a PAYG account on Vodafone, T-Mobile, or Orange. Yet it’s only £10 more if you want Three or O2 to be your operator of choice, so not an earth-shattering difference.

The Carphone Warehouse sale ends on June 7. There’s no telling if the same deadline applies to the online offer at though.

This is all rather interesting, since at the moment the Nokia Lumia 610 is considerably more expensive than the Lumia 710. Which would be fine, except the 610 is the lower-end of the two, and since they both run basically the same OS, the only other difference would be that the 610 is newer. Sure, the 610’s price will probably go even lower than £99 in time, but for now… if you’re in the UK and want a cheap Windows Phone, go to your nearest Carphone Warehouse. Or go to And get a Nokia Lumia 710. It’s got specs that make it better than both the Acer Allegro and the Lumia 610, and it’s cheaper. What more could you want?

Via All About Windows Phone

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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