NTT Docomo showcases transparent OLED screen that has touch sensors on both sides

Your weekly dose of tech that could be pervasive in the future, or it could forever be an interesting concept comes from Japan. You might quickly want to add ‘Where else?’ to that, yet the truth is that the land far away has in the past few years ceded some of its cool credentials to South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Leave it to NTT Docomo, one of the mobile companies with the highest R&D budgets in the world, to impress us (in association with Fujitsu this time). During Wireless Japan 2012, the two companies showed a transparent OLED screen that has touch sensors on both its front and its back.

Translation? A transparent screen that can be touched on the front, on the back, or on both sides at the same time. This takes ‘multitouch’ to a whole new level. The feature was demonstrated using a Rubik’s Cube game. If only the front of the screen was touched, then the whole cube would move. But if the back of the screen was touched while sliding one’s finger across the front of the screen, only a portion of the cube would be affected.

Another demo use-case is sliding down the Android notification area, which can be done on the back of the screen without obscuring any of the on-screen elements. Watch the video above to get a glimpse at what this screen can do.

For now, the display is quite small, a 2.4-inch 320×240 unit. It clearly has to get larger to be of any use in the ‘real world’. Also, it’s not very bright at the moment – another thing which has to change in order for this tech to ever become mainstream. Still, those advances will probably come in the next few months or years. The question then becomes: would you like something like this to be part of your next smartphone?

Via DigInfo TV

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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