Samsung Galaxy S III June 20 release date for the US seemingly confirmed in Australia

Yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S III was officially announced for Canada. And it will become available over there on June 20.

That’s the exact same date that was rumored to be when the Galaxy S III would also make it to T-Mobile in the US. Yet up until now neither Samsung nor the magenta carrier have said anything official about this.

That could change pretty soon, since the June 20 US release date for Samsung’s latest and greatest has been seemingly confirmed in Australia. Yes, quite far away from the US. However, during a Vodafone live stream for the Galaxy S III launch in Australia, it was revealed that the superphone will be making its first stop in the ‘nationwide US tour’ in New York. When, exactly? On June 20, naturally.

Sure, this may have been an error, or it may still be subject to change. But it looks more and more likely that at least one US carrier will launch the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 20. Stay tuned, as we’re sure more leaks about this are going to keep flooding the blogosphere in the near future.

Via Phandroid Via TalkAndroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Nancy

    I’m hanging on to my phone till we at Verizon can get that Samsung Galaxy S111.