Samsung has sold 28 million Galaxy S II, 24 million Galaxy S, 7 million Galaxy Note handsets so far

Samsung has announced today that the sales of its high-end Galaxy-branded Android smartphones are breaking record after record (at least for the Korean company).

So far Samsung has sold 28 million Galaxy S II, 24 million original Galaxy S, and 7 million Galaxy Note smartphones. Last we heard anything about Samsung’s sales numbers, it managed to sell 20 million Galaxy S II units, and 5 million Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrids. The numbers just keep on growing, though.

Cumulatively, the Samsung Galaxy S line (so far comprised of the original and the S II) has achieved more than 50 million sales. Of course, the numbers for the entire family will grow even further now that the Galaxy S III has started shipping. Yet we do expect that the original Galaxy S won’t be breaking any more records as it’s probably going to be slowly phased out later this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been the Korean company’s fastest selling smartphone so far, reaching 28 million units sold in just 13 months.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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