Virgin Mobile may launch the iPhone on July 1

Interestingly, it looks like Cricket won’t be the only carrier to offer the iPhone with prepaid plans in the US in the near future after all. A few days ago we told you that Cricket will be the first prepaid carrier to launch Apple’s smartphone.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, Virgin Mobile is getting ready to follow suit. Sprint’s prepaid arm is set to release the iPhone on July 1. That’s a few days after Cricket, so that carrier won’t lose the ‘first to offer the iPhone on prepaid’ crown.

Pricing for the Virgin Mobile iPhone hasn’t been revealed yet, and it’s unclear whether Boost Mobile (Sprint’s other prepaid brand) will also get to sell the Apple smartphone.

Offering the iPhone with prepaid plans makes a lot of sense for Sprint, since it has to move a lot of them as stated in its contract with Apple. Prepaid is also the only area in which Sprint isn’t losing customers. Because prepaid plans don’t require credit checks or lengthy contract terms, more people can be addressed through such means, so in theory this move should help Sprint sell some more iPhones, to add to the 3.3 million it managed to sell so far.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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