Amazon Kindle Fire could be dropped to $149 when HD Kindle Fire 2 launches in Q3, rumor says

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 we keep hearing about from time to time is apparently still on its way (like it should be, of course). The latest rumor on the matter claims that it will be launched at the beginning of the third quarter of this year (so probably next month).

The new tablet will still be a 7-inch unit, and will cost exactly as much as its predecessor: $199. However, the interesting news of the day is about that predecessor: it looks like Amazon will keep selling the original Kindle Fire, just for $50 less. That’s right, in a month or two you may be able to get your hands on Amazon’s first tablet for just $150. Or a tablet with very similar specs to it, the rumor mongerers seem unsure if it’s going to be the exact same device or just a similar one.

Anyway, this strategy will closely mimic what Apple usually does when it launches a new tablet or phone: the older model stays on sale, yet gets discounted. This way, Amazon will be able to appeal to an ever wider demographic.

The Kindle Fire 2 will come with a 1280×800 (HD) touchscreen. Other details haven’t leaked out today.

Amazon was also said to be prepping an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire, but the development on that has been halted. As for the oft-rumored 10-inch Kindle Fire, it’s apparently still on track, and will be released in Q4 this year or at the beginning of next year.

Of course, this is nothing but a rumor, so take it as such. The infamous ‘sources’ have been wrong before, so who knows what will happen. The good thing is that July is in just a few weeks, so we’ll see rather soon whether there was some truth to all this.

Via DigiTimes

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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