Huawei announces TD-SCDMA capable Ascend P1 alongside XL model with 2,600 mAh battery for China

Huawei has announced two new versions of its Ascend P1 Android-powered smartphone, and the company has certainly flooded the world with device unveilings recently. It’s yet to deliver on shipping most of those, though, but we’re still patient.

The Ascend P1 TD-SCDMA, is, as its convoluted name implies, a tailor-made Ascend P1 variant for China Mobile, that country’s biggest carrier and the only one in the world to use that specific 3G technology. It will ship this month.

The Ascend P1 XL is, like the Ascend D quad XL announced during MWC, a version of the smartphone that comes with a bigger battery. In the case of the Ascend P1 XL, it’s 2,600 mAh. That will certainly last the average Joe more than a day, but this new model brings up the different thicknesses in the Ascend P1 line up to three. And that’s a bit confusing. Or annoying. See, we have the not-yet-released-anywhere Ascend P1 S, which until recently held the title for the world’s thinnest smartphone. Then there’s the ‘vanilla’ Ascend P1, about 1 mm thicker than that. And the XL model will certainly be even thicker, since cramming in those milliamps will clearly have that effect on the device’s waist line.

Anyway, the Ascend P1 XL is expected in China during the third quarter of this year (so between July and September).

The Chinese phone maker also said that it will finally be releasing the Ascend D1 in China soon. And other markets will follow a short while after that (whenever ‘that’ actually turns out to be). No hard dates though. Remember, the D1 is the dual-core member of Huawei’s top line of smartphones. The D quad, the company’s flagship, is still MIA, and the latest word on its release is that it will happen in the “second half of the year”, which could mean it’s been delayed yet again. The previous shipping info we had said something about Q3 (and more specifically July), but this new wording may actually mean Q4. So the D quad, Huawei’s pride and glory, may hit the streets almost one full year after it was first unveiled. That’s probably not going to be very good for sales.

Via GSM Arena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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