Microsoft Surface prices to be above $599, rumor claims

Two very important details were left out of Microsoft’s big Surface announcement yesterday: the pricing and the exact release dates for the tablets. And while the latter can be guessed somewhat using the info that the Redmond giant put out, there was absolutely no word on the former.

Sure, the Surface tablets may be interesting and all, but if they’re going to be too expensive (read: more so than the iPad), then they’ll be little more than reference designs which you can buy.

So today DigiTimes has contacted some of its famous sources (which have been wrong in the past, by the way – do keep that in mind) and got some information for us. Apparently the RT (ARM) Surface will not be cheaper than $599, and the Intel-powered version could start at $799. Those sources also made some common sense remarks, saying that the high prices are expected to be the Surface tablets’ biggest obstacle in the market.

Leaving the Intel Surface aside (since it’s clearly not going to be providing the bulk of the sales for Microsoft’s new tablet line), the RT version is exactly $100 too expensive. So here’s hoping that this pricing isn’t final, and Microsoft will change its mind and at least match the cheapest new iPad in price at $499 (it could go lower and thus ensure it will have amazing sales, but that’s so un-Microsofty that it’s probably never going to happen).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Lei Gu

    Let’s don’t forget that 499 iPad is 16GB, while Surface begins at 32GB.

  • Saad El Boury

    And the most expensive Ipad is $899 so I do not understand all the fuss on this article! People who want the surface will buy it period.

  • GG

    What credible evidence do you have to write this article? 100% opinion.

  • Anonymous

    At $599 it is $300 too expensive. iPad is $399 and is 2.5 years old, proven, has 600,000 apps, and everybody wants one. Surface RT has no apps.

  • Shiloh Swanson

    “…the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

  • Christopher Tanner

    “So here’s hoping that this pricing isn’t final, and Microsoft will change its mind and at least match the cheapest new iPad in price at $499″.
    Yet another mis-directing article aimed to confuse consumers. From a business stand point, how can you say the $599 32GB surface should be priced the same as the 16GB ipad at $499 rather than the $599 32GB ipad? Did you even read these blogs of yours before you posted it, or are you writing articles as you would your twitter account.
    Also, ” if ” the surface comes with the keyboard cover; there is additional value that you aren’t even considering being that the smart case for the ipad costs 50 bucks and you still need to get a keyboard if you are planning on using one. In addition, let’s not forget about the SD card slot (not avail on ipad) and USB port (an additional 30 bucks for the adapter for ipad)
    See how I did that? Dude, if you are going to write an article and expect some sort of credibility the least thing you can do is not treat us like were a bunch of grandmothers that know nothing about tech! Articles like these are so annoying for me, I spend a great chunk of my time at work and time in general correcting or at least explaining the holes that you leave in your articles. Jeez!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. To sell well the Surface RT will have to compete with the $399 iPad 2,4 which has excellent battery life: it runs for 16 hours watching videos, according to AnandTech on 5/2/2012.

  • Anonymous

    “Surface RT has no apps.”