Samsung Galaxy S III to be launched by Verizon on July 12?

At this very moment, Verizon says its Samsung Galaxy S III will “ship by July 11”, obviously without providing an exact launch date for the handset.

But if HHGregg is correct, Verizon’s S III will be out on July 12. That’s going to be a Thursday, and it’s well known that Verizon launches devices on Thursdays quite often.

It looks like HHGregg will sell only the 16GB version of the new Galaxy (for $199.99 on contract). Of course, Verizon will also have the 32GB version, asking $249.99 for it.


Those who’ve already pre-ordered the S III at Verizon will probably get it a few days earlier than July 12. Unless stock shortages will interfere again.

Via Droid-life

Author: Florin

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