Verizon Samsung Intensity III image leaks

Get this: phone makers still make feature phones. And carriers still launch feature phones in the US.

So here’s something for those of you who hate touchscreens, hate smartphones, and like designs from a few years ago: the Samsung Intensity III.

Yes, not only is this not a smartphone, but there doesn’t seem to be a touchscreen in sight. So get ready to push those buttons… hard. At least it’s got dozens of them, right?

The Intensity III will obviously be the successor to the original Intensity from 2009 as well as the Intensity II launched in 2010. The image above represents a dummy Intensity III unit and was sent to Phone Arena today.

Unfortunately though, it wasn’t accompanied by any specs. So we can assume that the phone has a 2.2-2.4-inch screen, and that’s about it. Hopefully this will be free on contract, since otherwise we’re really not sure who’d go for one in this day and age. But hey, perhaps there’s still a market for such devices – shrinking by the second as it may be.

Verizon is bound to announce the Samsung Intensity III soon, so stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • ryan

    i might get it