10-inch Google Nexus tablet reportedly in the works too

The Asus-made Google Nexus 7 tablet has been announced just two days ago, yet it seems like the search giant isn’t going to stop its hardware efforts there.

As you may have figured by now, there apparently will also be a 10-inch Google tablet at some point. A Nexus 10, let’s call it. That seems pretty logical, and it’s what Digitimes‘ (in)famous ‘industry sources’ have said is on the way. The touch panels for that Nexus 10 will come from Wintek and AU Optronics, making the former company Google’s biggest supplier for those parts, since it also makes the OGS (one glass solution) panels for the Nexus 7.

Again, this makes sense. With the Nexus 7, Google is going after Amazon and its Kindle Fire. But sooner or later, the Mountain View company will have to do something about Apple’s iPads too. That can mean only one thing: launch a competitor. And a cheaper competitor, if possible.

However, keep two things in mind. First, that Digitmes’ industry sources have been wrong before. And not rarely. Second, that Apple has been rumored to be making an iPad Mini for many months now, yet that’s still nothing more than vaporware.

My take is that we’ll see the Nexus 10 in about one year, at Google I/O 2013. Or, at the earliest, whenever Google decides to unveil the next Nexus smartphone (which can happen in October or November, judging by the timing of last year’s Galaxy Nexus event). Though I’d bet on the former. Let’s see what happens.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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