Google Nexus 10 tablet launches this fall with Tegra 3 CPU and $299 price tag, according to rumors

The Nexus 7 won’t be Google’s only tablet on the market by the end of this year. It will apparently be joined by the Nexus 10, (obviously) a 10-incher. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a Nexus 10 being in development, but today we get the first rumored hardware specs for this device, alongside its purported pricing.

The Nexus 10 will have an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, just like its smaller brother. It will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and will be launched sometime this fall (perhaps alongside a new Nexus smartphone, just in time for the holiday shopping season).

This is a concept design, and not an actual render of the Nexus 10

The Nexus 10 will come in two storage capacity versions, one having 16 GB and the other double that amount of built-in space. It’s unclear for now if it will forego a microSD expansion slot like the Nexus 7 or not.

The bombshell here is the rumored pricing. The 16 GB Google Nexus 10 will start at $299, just $50 more than the Nexus 7 with the same amount of storage. At that price, the Nexus 10 will probably match the upcoming iPad Mini, which will (obviously) be a lot smaller. And, at that price, the Nexus 10 will be $200 cheaper than the new iPad, and even $100 cheaper than the still-sold iPad 2.

If Google pulls this off (and that’s a big if), and if it launches the Nexus 10 in as many countries as possible, Android’s tablet-related market share woes may all be going away real quick. The Nexus 7 is already one of the most polished Android tablets out there (in terms of ‘experience’), so if the bigger slate mimics that, we’ll undoubtedly have the new king of Android tablets this fall. And who knows, maybe of all tablets. After all, the iPhone once seemed impossible to dethrone too.

Google is apparently preparing for the start of mass production for the Nexus 10. If all of this turns out to be true, do expect a lot more rumors to pop up on the matter very soon. Still, as usual we advise you to read this while having a grain of salt safely nearby. Just in case.

Via MyDrivers

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    “Android’s tablet-related market share woes may all be going away real quick.”

    LOL, what a tool… Someone want to point out that Android already has around 48% of the tablet market according to IDC.

    Perhaps you should stop getting your copy and paste churnilism news from sites that are “sponsored by apple” (sequence shortened, actual experience may differ).