Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be released in October, quad-core CPU and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in tow

Once again, we’re hearing that Samsung has a Galaxy Note successor in the works, that it will be released in October, and that it will have a 5.5-inch touchscreen (slightly larger than its predecessor’s 5.3-inch unit).

The first time we’ve heard these exact same things was about a month ago. So you could say that these details are pretty much ‘confirmed’. That said, it’s all a mushy rumory situation right now, so have a pinch of salt ready for this.

Mockup via GSMArena

Last time around, some other specs were talked about too. This time though, it’s just the above plus two: the phone will have a quad-core processor (not a dual-core unit like previously rumored), and it will run Android 4.1 Jelly bean upon launch. Oh, and we also have the mention that the superphone/tablet hybrid will be first shown during IFA in Berlin, which starts on August 31 and lasts until September 5.

The Galaxy Note 2 could arrive sporting a 12 or 13 MP camera, but that’s not ‘certain’ yet – not even in rumorland.

The Galaxy Note 2’s release is going to be timed to coincide with the arrival on the market of Apple’s next iPhone. So it looks like the Korean company isn’t afraid of taking on the mighty iPhone.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Anonymous

    please don’t state a rumour as fact in your headline, it makes people dislike thinking of coming here after being bait ‘n’ switched.

    “So you could say that these details are pretty much ‘confirmed’. One rumour plus another rumour does not equate to ‘confirmed’.

    the plural of anecdote is not data.

  • Bapman

    You better not be Joshing me Vlad. Harvey Dent, can we trust him?

  • Jorj X McKie

    Anyone wanna bet that Samsung leaves existing Note owners sans Jelly Bean? C’mon Cyanogen team, we need you!