Lumia 1001 to join the Lumia 910 in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 portfolio?

Only a few days after the Lumia 910 has been unveiled via Nokia’s Remote Device Access service, another unannounced Lumia has showed up. It’s the Lumia 1001, which, just like the 910, has been spotted in Nokia’s RDA.

While the Lumia 910 is probably a slightly upgraded Lumia 900, the 1001’s model number suggests this will be a higher-end handset – maybe Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 flagship device.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably not have too many details on the Lumia 1001 and Lumia 910 until Windows Phone 8 is ready to hit the market – sometime towards the end of this year. In any case, we can be certain of one thing: Nokia will have several WP8 handsets to announce pretty soon.

Via TechCrunch

Author: Florin

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