New MeeGo smartphone coming soon, not from Nokia, but from Jolla

When Nokia unveiled that the N9 would be its first and last MeeGo smartphone, many were saddened by the news. Because MeeGo was a very promising mobile OS.

Fortunately, all those who like the N9 and MeeGo have something to look forward to now.

Meet Jolla Ldt., a new company based in Helsinki, Finland, and formed by the most important people who developed MeeGo for Nokia – including Marc Dillon and Jussi Hurmola.

Jolla has been working on a new smartphone since “the end of 2011.” The device is using a MeeGo-based OS, and a brand new UI. It will be officially introduced later this year – or at least that’s the plan at the moment. There’s no word on how much it will cost, what features it has, and where exactly it’s going to be available. But we’ll probably receive more details soon.

I’m enthusiastically waiting to see what Jolla can do. The company doesn’t have an official website yet, but you can check out its Linked in page here.

Via GSM Arena

Author: Florin

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