New Antenova antenna covers all LTE bands. This is what Apple’s iPhone 5 should use

One of the problems with LTE is that, for now, if you’re buying an LTE-capable device, you won’t be able to use its LTE powers in too many countries (since frequency bands differ). Antenova, a company based in Cambridge, UK, hopes to solve this with its new global LTE antenna, called A10453.

Antenova says its antenna – which doesn’t require “switches or tunable active components” – covers the following bands: LTE 700, LTE B7 (2.5-2.69GHz), LTE B38 (2.57-2.62GHz), and LTE B40 (2.3-2.4GHz), GSM 850, GSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900, and WCDMA2100. It’s still not a truly global antenna (since it lacks support for some bands like CLR 850 and AWS 1700), but it seems to be the best solution for any company that wants to manufacture global LTE devices.

For more technical details on the A10453, you can read Antenova’s press release here (PDF file).

I’m pretty sure that at least some major smartphone makers will look carefully at Antenova’s A10453. Maybe even Apple – since its upcoming iPhones (including the one rumored to be released this year as iPhone 5) will most certainly have LTE.

Via  Electronics Weekly

Author: Florin

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