Philips W732 Android smartphone with 2,400 mAh battery promises 13 hrs of talk, 10.5 hrs browsing time

Remember Philips? Apparently, it’s still around in the mobile world. What’s more, it’s joined the Android club it seems. Once again, we might add, since we’ve seen some Android devices come from the company in 2009.

That was a long time ago, and the upcoming Philips W732 is a decent device, forgettable name aside. The main advertised feature in its case seems to be the 2,400 mAh battery. Alongside some intelligent power saving built into the device by its maker, this enables 13 hours of continuous talk time on one charge, and, perhaps more importantly in this day and age, 10.5 hours of Web browsing. While the talk time isn’t in RAZR MAXX territory, or even close to the Galaxy S III‘s numbers on 2G, if the Web browsing figures are at least close in reality to what Philips is saying, then this will be the longest lasting smartphone in the world by that measure.

That’s probably thanks in no small part to an LCD IPS touchscreen. Virtually all recently-launched high-end smartphones (except the HTC One X, but that has a small battery instead) have AMOLED touchscreens. And while those consume much less energy than conventional LCD screens when displaying the color black (and dark images, and so on), the situation is reversed when browsing the Web. That’s because an AMOLED screen consumes the most when it has to display the color white (or light backgrounds or images). Since white backgrounds are pretty much the norm on the World Wide Web, all AMOLED-equipped phones do pretty bad when it comes to Web browsing times.

In one battery life test, the RAZR MAXX was only able to accomplish 7 hours and 23 minutes of continuous Web browsing, despite its massive 3,300 mAh battery. As a comparison, its talk time was a pretty incredible 20 hours and 24 minutes on one charge. That’s the AMOLED screen’s fault, plain and simple.

The Philips W732’s display is a 4.3-inch 480×800 unit. The smartphone runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, 5.76 Mbps HSUPA, a 1 GHz single-core MediaTek MT6575 processor, a 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Additionally, the Philips W732 has hot-swappable dual-SIM support. Its dimensions are 126.37 x 67.44 x 12.3 mm, and it weighs 166.5 grams.

The Philips W732 will be available in China soon, in five color versions, seen above: black, pink, green, white, and blue.

Via IT168

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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