Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 available for pre-order in the US, for real this time

Last month, Amazon has put the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 on pre-order, allowing customers to hope that the tablet would be out Stateside soon. However, Samsung quickly issued a statement saying the Note 10.1 product page was published in error by Amazon.

Now the Galaxy Note 10.1 can be pre-ordered again in the US, seemingly for real this time.

Retailer J&R is asking $499.99 for the Note 10.1 16GB, and $549.99 for the Note 10.1 32GB. Unfortunately, the retailer doesn’t say when the tablet will be in stock. Update: J&R removed the Note 10.1 from its website (for now).

Some other, less known retailers also seem to take pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 10.1. You can check out all offers here at Google.

Via Liliputing

Author: Florin

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