LG has already sold 4 million Optimus LTE smartphones

LG’s managed to cross the 4 million sales threshold with its Optimus LTE line of smartphones. This comes after some previous achievements that we’ve already reported on: 1 million Optimus LTEs sold until January, and more than 1 million sold in South Korea alone until May. So this newest number is hardly unexpected.

However, the current number is for the entire family – and LG seems to include the new LTE 2 in that. So those weren’t just original Optimus LTE and Optimus LTE Tag units being sold so well. The new Optimus LTE 2 contributed too, with more than 400,000 units already sold in South Korea alone. The newest LTE smartphone in LG’s portfolio has been performing well ever since sales started at the end of May, with the company reporting 150,000 devices sold in just ten days.

The hype surrounding it (in South Korea, of course) does seem to have died down in the meantime, but it’s still doing well for such a small market. LG’s planning to double the number of countries it exports LTE smartphones to 20, up from the current 10. When exactly is unclear, but we’ll assume it’s going to be soon.

The previously reported total number of LTE smartphones sold by LG was 3 million back in May. So in less than two months, the Korean company has managed to add 1 million to that.

Via The Chosun Ilbo

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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